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It was almost ten years ago. A whole decade. It sometimes seems much, much longer, and other times not that long at all. I felt compelled to write books. I seriously didn’t want to. I knew how much time it would take, how hard it would be and how much I had to learn. I […]

Hello all my darlings! I am super excited to announce that the second book in my Prism Series, Cobalt Blue was released this week! What I really want to show you is how BEAUTIFUL my artwork is! It was done by the lovely Merilliza Chan at Isn’t it lovely? It’s not very often that people get […]

I am doing a giveaway of Alizarin Crimson on Goodreads! Stop by and enter!     Goodreads Book Giveaway Alizarin Crimson by Erica Millard Giveaway ends December 18, 2018. See the giveaway details at Goodreads. Enter Giveaway

My book is finally out. Finally. I wrote this book several years ago, and intended to publish it soon after I finished it. But then I was diagnosed with cancer, so it hibernated in the cave of files in my computer until I was once again well enough to release this book into the world! […]

  This blog post has been floating around my mind for a few years and with all the sexual assault reported in the news lately, I decided it was time. Why is sexual assault such a big deal? I was walking in downtown Denver by myself at eleven o’clock at night. It was freezing out […]

Today, I attended a cycling class for the first time in two years. I have to mention, a few years ago I was in the best shape of my life. I was working out an hour a day plus mountain biking a few times a week. That was until I found out that I had […]

Writing is hard. Finding the right words, emotions, and pacing is hard. Writing interesting blog posts about how to be a better writer is hard. So writers stay up at night, trying to find the perfect combination of words. Then they release their work into the world, but then they perhaps don’t get as poignant […]

Leap Books is releasing Right Kind of Mistake, the new adult contemporary romance today! I conducted an interview to get an inside look with the book’s author, Rebecca Thomas. Q- How did you come up with the idea for Right Kind of Mistake? Rebecca- Anyone who has been hurt in a relationship has probably thought of […]

We drove WAY. TOO. MUCH. This summer. I estimate I spent at least 50 hours in the car on long road trips with my two kids (ages 8 and 4). But just because we were in the car, doesn’t mean I wanted them sitting in front of a screen the whole time. I’ve found audio-books […]

Butte, America- The Richest Hill On Earth The sun is just settling down on the horizon, throwing most of streets into the soft shadows of dusk. The streets are eerie quiet, except for the occasional bar or pub whose music spills out their open doors in snatches as I walk by. I love it here, […]