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I have had an overwhelming and unexpected response to my recent post Dear New Girl at the Gym. My next several blog posts I will be responding to many of the questions and statements people have posted in the comments section below that post. A few of the commenters said they had had such a […]

Dear New Girl at the Gym, You stand across from me in boot camp or on the treadmill next to me or a few bikes over in spin. I have never seen you before, but here you are. I can tell by the look on your face you are embarrassed. Embarrassed that you can’t do […]

I love Halloween. I love the dressing up and taking my kids to see all the neighbors.  It’s just plain fun. There is only one drawback. All that blasted candy. A few years ago, we bought our first house. It was the first time neighborhood kids would come to our house trick or treating. I went […]

  In my photos of of half a loaf. I used the other half to make rolls for soup. Gauge accordingly. Blueberry Lemon Swirl Rolls Single loaf bread recipe of your choice My sourdough recipe is posted at the end of this post. Filling: 4 C Blueberries (I use frozen) Zest of 1 Lemon 2 […]

Fall must be on its way, cause all I want to eat is soup. Not that it is really quite cold enough for soup, yet.  This recipe is my Grandmother’s and one I remember loving as a child. I have changed only a few things from her recipe. Ultimate comfort food.   Potato Pea Soup […]

In my Bountiful Basket (a vegetable/fruit co-op that is akin to Russian Roulette) on Saturday I received Fennel. As in Fennel. Uhh, Fennel? I didn’t even know what it was. I had to spend fifteen minutes online to just figure out what the vegetable was.  Apparently it is a licorice flavored bulb. Yes, you read […]

This morning I made these Blueberry Scones. The problem with making yummy food, is I then want to eat it all… by myself. I sent one of these in my son’s school lunch. When I went to pick him up he said, “Mom! That blueberry thing I had for lunch was amazing. I loved it […]

Baking and cooking is something I have always loved. As a child I went through a phase where I wanted to be a chef. I had to serve all the plates at our family meals, and I always arranged the food as beautifully as possible. Waiting tables for years to pay my way through college […]

  I met “Jack” at my very first Parisian Anonymous meeting. Of course it is so much easier to write about someone else’s problems, so I will tell you about his story instead of my own, although the two seem remarkable similar. So don’t worry, Jack gave me permission to tell his story, and I […]

So it has been two years since I was diagnosed with Lymphoma, specifically mine is a cancer of the white blood cells. The diagnosis came exactly one week after my 28th birthday. I wrote the following a few weeks after the diagnosis, when the pain, anger, and frustration were still keen and fresh. Since then, […]