Archive: March 2013

Yes, I sent out many query letters for Willow of the Wood to agents and have received a few (okay, okay) a ton of rejections. It really is alright, I was expecting them. I am actually surprised how much I am okay with it. I told my friend and she said, “What do they do? […]

Everyone is complaining about the lingering winter and although Spring is my favorite season, I find myself wanting to hold on to frosty mornings.

Sometimes as I read fiction and the protagonist does something heroic I wonder if it could possible happen in real life. Do everyday people really risk their life to save strangers? I mean, I want to believe that in every human there is something heroic and comes out at just the right time, but is there really? I often […]

So, my idea for the most boring reality show ever? A camera following around an aspiring writer, poet, playwright, novelist, or screen writer. Some might see these occupations as glamorous but I can assure you if the adjective *aspiring* is before writer, it is definitely not. Seriously, watching someone hunched over their computer, notebook, typewriter for hours […]

This weekend I attended my best friend Kristin’s wedding in Los Angeles. So my best friend happens to also be my cousin. I call her my best friend so people know we are friends by choice and not just by circumstance. So this wedding…have you ever seen the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding? So […]

So I have a strict no guilt policy when it comes to food. I love enjoying good food and think guilt is unnecessary and detrimental to our psyche. Instead, I try to eat smaller portions and make food healthier choices so I never have food guilt. I devised this naturally guilt free popcorn recipe last week. […]