Archive: April 2013

So since I just finished the rough draft of my new book, I decided to take a week long writing break. My house has been deteriorating at an alarming pace so for the week I am going to try and put it back together. So my break from writing is chore week. Believe me, I […]

So I haven’t been as regular about blogging because I have been hitting my new project really hard. Yesterday I finished the first draft of my second novel! With how long it took me to write my first one, I can’t even believe it, although this one is a middle grade novel so it is […]

So as a no-one-pays-me-yet aspiring author, I have had a few people ask how I have time to write. They must imagine those authors that have a brilliant idea and set to work at a feverish pace, seldom stopping to sleep or eat and three weeks later their manuscript is finished. For me, it doesn’t […]