Archive: August 2013

  I met “Jack” at my very first Parisian Anonymous meeting. Of course it is so much easier to write about someone else’s problems, so I will tell you about his story instead of my own, although the two seem remarkable similar. So don’t worry, Jack gave me permission to tell his story, and I […]

So it has been two years since I was diagnosed with Lymphoma, specifically mine is a cancer of the white blood cells. The diagnosis came exactly one week after my 28th birthday. I wrote the following a few weeks after the diagnosis, when the pain, anger, and frustration were still keen and fresh. Since then, […]

The first push of the pedals. The adjusting of gears. Already my body anticipates the adrenalin.  I hit that first downhill slope and can’t help but smile. The air sings in my ears and I am free, falling and flying at the same time. My legs pump against the trail, moving the tires through sand, […]