Baking and cooking is something I have always loved. As a child I went through a phase where I wanted to be a chef. I had to serve all the plates at our family meals, and I always arranged the food as beautifully as possible. Waiting tables for years to pay my way through college dispelled romantic notions about being a chef, but I never lost my love of making good food.

The only problem is I am kind of a nutter when it comes to what I make. I use only 100% whole wheat (or other whole grains) flour from grains I fresh grind– with a machine not with a mortal and pestle or something. I also use natural yeast (AKA sour dough) to break down the nutrients in wheat to make it easier for our body to digest. I make sprouted lentil spaghetti and today I threw blended walnuts in the taco meat. So if you find some of the recipes a bit on the strange side, you’ll know why.

Even though some of the things I make might seem a little strange, they always taste good. I am going to put up some of the recent things I have made so if you find one you like, let me know!