So the other day, I was folding laundry and of course that doesn’t take any thought, so my brain though up new lyrics to the Sound of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel. I recorded them for a friend for a joke. So enjoy! Lyrics posted below!

Sound of Laundry


Hello laundry my old friend,
I’ve come to fold you again
Because your never ending growing,
Attacked me while I was writing
And although I wash you every day
You still remain
The sound of Laundry

On hectic days I leave you be,
And you pile higher than a tree
yet you taunt me without rest
And I can’t help but think that you jest,
When almost die lifting you down the stairs
I do not care
For the sound of laundry

“Fools”, said I, “You do not know

Laundry like a cancer grows

Spring-fresh clothing so soft and fresh

Masks a hidden monster in the flesh

But my tears, the endless abyss fell

So far below

In the pails, of laundry

And I’d go naked if I could
Not to deal with you again
No more hangers, no more soap
No more washing, I wouldn’t mope
But people would all stare, I think I would care
And wouldn’t dare.
To go without laundry.