I read one to two books a week, in addition to my writing, so I’ve decided to start posting the books I finish. I will select some of my favorites and talk more in depth about them.

I read two books this month that, as a writer, made me ache because they were so good. It was one of those times that what I was reading is so amazing, I wondered if my writing will ever compare.


Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo

Genre: YA Fantasy

I originally bought this on Audible, but I started it and realized I need to read this book. It needed all my attention so it could settle into my bones.

It is YA Fantasy that takes place in a historic version of Russia. It is totally engrossing, one of those stories that you fall into, and have a hard time surfacing from.  It is definitely one of the best fantasies I have read lately.

Leviathan by Scot Westfield

Genre: YA Historic, Sci-fi, Steam-punkish

I also bought this one from Audible, and I can’t decide which to recommend, the print or the audio-book. Leviathan is illustrated beautifully by Keith Thompson. Seriously, the illustrations are stunning. But Alan Cumming does such an AWESOME job of the narration in the audio-book. So it is a win-win with whichever you choose.

This book is so mind-blowingly creative. Westerfield uses Darwin’s theories to create machine/animal hybrids, like something out of science fiction to create a futuristic feeling, steam-punkish historical fiction. It is an alternate history that whose beginning coincides with the beginning of World War I. It has alternating points of view, a female and a male protagonist.  Seriously fabulous!

Murder on Astor Place– Victoria Thompson

Genre: Cozy Mystery

Historic mystery that takes place in New York City. Fabulous in-depth world-building.


How to Write Dazzling Dialogue: The Fastest Way to Improve Any Manuscript– James Scott Bell

Genre: Non-Fiction, Writing Craft Book

Great, short craft book focused on Dialogue. Great addition to any writing craft library.