Leap Books is releasing Right Kind of Mistake, the new adult contemporary romance today! I conducted an interview to get an inside look with the book’s author, Rebecca Thomas.

  1. Q- How did you come up with the idea for Right Kind of Mistake?

Rebecca- Anyone who has been hurt in a relationship has probably thought of ways to retaliate or hurt the person who hurt them. That is the idea I wanted to explore in Right Kind of Mistake.

  1. Q- We have to know! What are your connections with hockey?

Rebecca-I reluctantly started playing women’s hockey when my co-workers wouldn’t leave me alone about it. They begged me to play on their team with them. I signed up for no other reason except to get them to quit bothering me. I had figure skated all my life, but I’d never donned a pair of hockey skates, gear, or held a hockey stick until that very first game. Well, the rest is history. I was completely “hooked.” I knew nothing about hockey, I didn’t know any of the rules, I had no idea what “off-sides” meant, and couldn’t understand why the ref kept blowing the whistle at me. I instantly became a hockey lover. I played for 8 years before my children became so involved in hockey that I just couldn’t keep up with it anymore. Now I just write about it!

  1. Q- Who was your favorite character to write?

Rebecca- I love all my characters! I can’t choose a favorite.

  1. Q- There are some pretty intense, sexy scenes between Cam and Haylie. Were those hard to write or did it come naturally?

Rebecca- Sexy scenes are not easy for me to write. I definitely had help from my editor! I’m completely jealous of writers who say writing sex scenes is the easy part. Mostly, I try to focus on the physical attraction between the two characters, then the passion and emotion naturally follows.

  1. Q- Did you do anything specific to develop Cam and Haylie’s characters?

Rebecca- Anyone who has suffered from a broken heart can relate to Haylie. I’m certainly one of those people, so it was easy for me to tap into her. Cam developed in my mind in two distinct ways. One was the idea of wanting what you can’t have, and another was the idea of a good guy getting the girl. It seems like there are so many “bad boy” stories out there, but what about the nice guy? I really wanted the good guy to win.

  1. Q- What was your favorite part of writing Haylie’s story?

Rebecca- My favorite part was going through Haylie’s emotions with her. I loved her slowly coming to the realization that she didn’t make a mistake and she deserves better than what she got. She deserves a happy ending with a nice guy.

  1. Q- What can readers expect from book two?

You will see more of Tyler, Haylie’s ex-boyfriend, in book two.

  1. Q- Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about Right Kind of Mistake?

Rebecca- There is something so special and memorable about early adulthood. Maybe that’s why I’m drawn to writing about that time in life when mistakes feel so monumental. In the end, not all mistakes turn out bad, and maybe some mistakes are meant to happen.

Right Kind of Mistake – Heartbroken and afraid of commitment, Haylie, is only looking for a few hours of pure bliss.  But hockey hero Cam wants more than a hook-up. His goal? Ice-melting romance.

Available now at online retailers!