It was almost ten years ago.

A whole decade. It sometimes seems much, much longer, and other times not that long at all.

I felt compelled to write books.

I seriously didn’t want to. I knew how much time it would take, how hard it would be and how much I had to learn. I sat down and evaluated my reasons for writing. At the time, I was a new stay-at-home mom, and I was really struggling with that new role. Since I was sixteen, I had gone to school full time and worked, usually waiting tables, and after I graduated college, I worked two sometimes three jobs while my husband was in graduate school. And then all of a sudden I was home with a baby, without a pressing schedule for the first time in a my life.

I felt my brain atrophy into the back skull of my school from lack of use, and I hit a wall of depression. It was a dark and difficult time. I made a choice and I made a lot of changes. I started working out, limited T.V., and…

I started to write.

I wrote my first book and then my second, before I decided to got to graduate school to get my MFA in writing. But with that decision, I made myself some promises. One of those promises was if I ever made even a dollar from my writing, I would donate 10% to charity, outside the charity my husband and I already donate on our income.

I know there are a million charities out there, and I want some suggestions on where you think that 10% should go. I’m leaning towards Operation Underground Railroad, but I intend on switching the charity every six months or year. Comment below with any charities that deserve my (meager) contributions. I would love to hear of any charities.

Good luck and happy reading and writing!



I want to be extraordinary on my own terms.