As a writer I love new experiences. New experiences enrich my life as well as give me ideas for scenes and characters in my stories. Travel is one way to have new experiences.

I love to travel, but to me traveling doesn’t necessarily mean flying to Europe, although I do like to do that, too. Traveling to me means leaving your house or normal day to day life for a little while to experience new things. People often miss out on beautiful scenes or experiences near them, without ever knowing what they are missing. An example?  Yellowstone National Park was a mere hour and a half from my childhood home and how many times did I visit it? Once. That’s right once. People travel from all over the country and even the world to see Yellowstone. I didn’t realize how special Yellowstone is until I moved away.  Growing up I lived so close I took it for granted.

My family and I recently moved from Texas to Montana. We are LOVING Montana, especially the mountain biking! My next several posts will be the special hidden nooks within ten minutes to two hours from my home, that most people don’t realize are there. The problem with hidden nooks is they don’t find you. You have to go looking for them.

What are some of the hidden nooks near where you live?