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Stillwater Hike


I’m sure I don’t have to tell you the mountains in Montana are strait out of an epic fantasy novel.  We went to Stillwater to go hiking one Saturday afternoon. When I saw this canyon river I seriously said out loud, “This is the most beautiful place I have ever seen.” Although with full discloser I have to admit I say that often. No matter how many memories or pictures we see, nothing compares to actual sight. I am often caught off guard by beauty.

What is fascinating about experiences is not the expected, but the unexpected. We started hiking when I noticed the previously perfect blue sky was being swiftly overtaken. I glanced at the mountain across the valley and could physically see a storm clambering down the mountain toward us. We sprinted back to the car and made it moments before the hail hit.

Up to quarter size hail pelleted our car for the next fifteen minutes, and was fascinating to watch. In fifteen minutes the hail was able to break tree limbs as well as my car’s paint job, but then it was gone. Only mist and debris were left behind.

The beauty of the river and nature, compounded by the atmosphere created by the heavy clouds, stunned me. I even changed a description in my book to batter match this place.

Even though we don’t realize it, places like this reach inside and change us for the better.