This weekend I attended my best friend Kristin’s wedding in Los Angeles. So my best friend happens to also be my cousin. I call her my best friend so people know we are friends by choice and not just by circumstance. So this wedding…have you ever seen the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding? So imagine that show on steroids. I come from a big family, as in I have 50 first cousins just on my dad’s side, and although not all of them were there, a lot were.

This girl is my kindred spirit. As children we were just okay friends. Later we became best friends. After graduating high school we moved to a little tourist town to do horrible jobs and earn money for college. I was 17, she was 18, and our other cousin was 19 when we moved into a rotting, stinking, filthy trailer and went on many adventures. You could not have met any two people more opposite in our stereotypes than Kristin and I were. I was a punk rock non-conformist who read and played guitar in my spare time and intentionally bought all my clothes second hand. She played sports, wore nice clothes, had nice hair, and her favorite color was is pink.

But how do you explain when you find someone who is opposite from you who still accepts you for who you are? Kristin believed I was the most special person in the world, even after seeing all my faults and quirks. I know that I am hard to get to know. I understand that about myself and ever since I have really known Kristin I have wanted people to see me how she sees me. For some reason she looked at all my insane antics (yes, sleeping with the window open sub zero temperatures in winter), found them endearing, and still loved me.

Over the years we lived several states away and went years without seeing each other, but still she is and will always be my very best friend.

I am so glad she has found someone who sees her how I have always seen her. Congratulations Kristin!

My Special Girl Kristin