So, my idea for the most boring reality show ever? A camera following around an aspiring writer, poet, playwright, novelist, or screen writer. Some might see these occupations as glamorous but I can assure you if the adjective *aspiring* is before writer, it is definitely not. Seriously, watching someone hunched over their computer, notebook, typewriter for hours and hours a day, with the only break in monotony being a form rejection email from and agent/publisher would not hold anyone’s attention.

But out of the minds of these aspiring writers bent over their laptops with dry eyes and cold fingers can come beautiful and touching words. They take us to places real and imaginary and make us feel something we have never felt before. We feel, if even for a moment, what it feels like to love passionately, save the world, save yourself, hate the one you love, or even lose everything you have.

But I think we forget all writers were once aspiring. Even the most celebrated writers had to start somewhere. Yes, some have more natural ability than others, but that does not mean they did not have to start at their own beginning.

I think the hardest part is the beginning.