Yes, I sent out many query letters for Willow of the Wood to agents and have received a few (okay, okay) a ton of rejections. It really is alright, I was expecting them. I am actually surprised how much I am okay with it. I told my friend and she said, “What do they do? Wake up and say I am going to crush some hopes and dreams today?” I really don’t feel that way. I understand these agents are doing their job and it is nothing personal, I mean how could it be? They don’t actually know me. All were a form rejections. My plan is to revise my manuscript, query letter, and synopsis again and try again. I was on Ally Condie’s website and she says she sent out 35-40 query letters, so I still have a ways to go.

I am following the traditional way of getting published. I am seeking an agent (because most publishing houses to not accept unsolicited manuscripts) but I wonder if this is the right path. I read traditionally published authors’ websites and they say they wouldn’t go any other way. Then I read some self-published authors and they say they love it. A lot of people don’t understand why I am trying to get published the traditional way when I could just, “slap it up on Amazon and start selling today!” instead of waiting years to be published the traditional way. It is tempting, it really is but….

What if my manuscript really just isn’t good enough to be published through a traditional publisher? In that case, should I really self-publish it? I would never want anything published that wasn’t my best. But if no one is going to publish it (I am not saying they aren’t, we are just speaking hypothetically here) then maybe I should cut my losses, self-publish it, and move on to my next book.

One of the problems of trying to find an agent is none of them (for good reason) actually read the whole manuscript until they have to. Really who would have the time for that. Some of the rejections I have received have been based on a one page query letter. Some have been based on a few pages. I know these agents must be good at their jobs, but I want to know how much you can really tell from a few pages. I am not being rude because I am insulted or something. I genuinely want to know what they can see so I can know what to do better.

If you can’t tell I am a little confused, but I am going to stay on this long and winding path until I can’t go any further.