So as a no-one-pays-me-yet aspiring author, I have had a few people ask how I have time to write. They must imagine those authors that have a brilliant idea and set to work at a feverish pace, seldom stopping to sleep or eat and three weeks later their manuscript is finished.

For me, it doesn’t work like that.

I have daily word goal, and I don’t go a day without writing. Well apart from Sunday. I write everyday but Sunday. That is just the way it is. Some might even thing my word goals are quite meager, and they probably are, but let me show you how quickly they can add up if you are diligent.

My typical daily word goal is usually 1000 – 1550 words. Like I said, some might view those numbers as small, maybe insignificant, but I find that number to be totally doable. What happens if you write that number of words six days a week? At the end of a week you would have between 6000 and 9000 words written. And if you do that for two weeks? 12,000 to 18,000. And then for after four weeks, you would have 24,000-36,000 words. If you keep on it words can add up quickly.


I know you will all be surprised but as humans it is really easy to be lazy.

So let’s pretend you don’t make your word goal for a specific day and you say to yourself, “I will make that up tomorrow in addition to tomorrow’s word goal.” A thousand words in a day is very doable, but two thousand? That is much more difficult. And if you miss a few days in a row? Only a few people would be able to make up a 5000 words in one day, and that is only after many years of practice on putting out that many words.

So what am I saying? I think the key to writing, especially longer bodies of work, is doing a little each day. Setting and reaching daily goals must be a priority.