Sometimes as I read fiction and the protagonist does something heroic I wonder if it could possible happen in real life. Do everyday people really risk their life to save strangers? I mean, I want to believe that in every human there is something heroic and comes out at just the right time, but is there really? I often look at history and wonder which side of anything would I have chosen. Would I have fought for my freedom in the revolutionary war? Would I have tried to free and save the slaves in the Civil War? Would I have gotten arrested to fight for my right to vote? Would I have turned my cheek away from the torture and death of so many people in both the world wars?

Of course these are questions I can’t answer, but I want to believe I would have done what was right, even though what is right is not always laid out on a map. I want to believe even though something inside me questions if I would be strong enough.

But true stories like this one below remind me people are strong and they often fight and die for good.

17-year-old boy risks life to save another

Stories like this even give me hope that I could be strong enough.