This week my grandfather passed away.

This not a sad occurrence. If I cry they are tears of joy, not sadness.

You see my grandfather was would 97 this year. Can you imagine? Just a few years short of being a century old. Seriously, he had an amazing life, and I have always been proud to be his granddaughter. He was a veteran of WWII, and such a strong man. But in this my heart is so full, I cannot find the words to say how I feel. Sometimes, I think it is easier to find words for characters’ feelings in a story than it is for words for our own.

I am so glad I have wonderful people, like my grandfather, in my life to look up to.

My grandfather knew he was an artist from the time he was a little boy, and he never varied from that path.

If you would like to see his life’s work, please visit-