So I have been doing a ton of research on fairy tales for my last book and my next book coming up. As a child we had a beautiful set of Fairy Tale books that I poured over for hours. I was at my brother’s house a few weeks ago, when I saw his children pouring over the same books I did when I was young. I borrowed them and wanted to show you a picture of some of the most loved books ever. Mind you these books went through five children, so they are more than trashed.

But as I look through them even today, I am astonished at how I know each picture by heart, even though I have not seen these books in years. I hope you enjoy seeing some of theses beautiful illustrations. Each book has 15 fairy tales and the illustrations are stunning. I have looked for these books to buy a new set, but unfortunately they are out of print. Don’t worry though. I will see if I can repair these before I hand them back over.