So today we went to the Fourth of July Parade in my tiny, farming community home town. Can I tell you how much I love the Fourth of July? Yes, our country does have a ton of problems, but it is also really an amazing place. The Fourth is such a special time were people clothed in red, white, and blue and take pride in where they live. For me it was fun to return home and see what kind of life and community I grew up in.

But I will tell you my favorite part of today. At two separate times during the parade, a business came by in a flashy car toting some miracle wrap (or something) that will shrink you three sizes and give you the best body of your life in only 45 minutes. Obviously out of our group of ten people, they only handed me the flyer. I just laughed and threw the flyer away, but I was surprised how indignant my husband was. He referred to the owners of the business as, “Slimeballs and jerks, who use societally expected yet unachievable perfection to capitalize on insecurities of women.” Well maybe those weren’t his exact words, but he did use the word slimeball and jerk and that was his general idea.

No wonder I married him.