What I am working on right now

Prism Series~ Click Here to Meet the Characters!

Alizarin Crimson– YA Contemporary Fantasy, Book One of Prism Series (my thesis novel)

Setting- New York City, Connecticut, Paris

Status- Querying Agents


Cobalt Blue– (Book 2 of Prism Series)

Setting- New York City, Cambodia, Ireland, Egypt

Status- Drafting


Cadmium Yellow– (Book 3 of the Prism Series)

Setting- China, New York City, Montana

Status- Planning/outlining


Untitled Prism Novella

Setting- Spain, Iran

Status- Planning/outline/drafting












Loving the Stars

Sweet, low heat level romance.

Setting- Sapphire Ridge, Colorado, a fictional small town outside of Denver

Status- Querying


Rindercella and the Stolen Frog- MG humorous fantasy

Setting- Fictional Fantasy World

Status- Edited/ In Limbo


Willow of the Wood– YA fantasy

Setting- Fictional Fantasy World

Status- Tabled Indefinitely

About eight years ago, I had the idea for the book above, Alizarin Crimson. So I wrote it, or I should say a started writing it. It took me exactly 36 pages to realize I had no idea how to write a book. The story I wanted to tell was too complex, the characters were too complicated, the plot too tangled. I knew if I wrote that story then, I would be disappointed in the final result. So I put it aside for a little while, and selected a project that I thought would teach me how to write. I wrote an 85,000 word traditional YA fantasy that was very similar to the works of Robin McKinley, my first love. I selected a basic plot- princess has to reclaim her kingdom from an evil dictator- and added magic. This was my “learning how to write” project. Even though I have no plans to pursue publication of it, it did teach me how to write and therefore was a worth while endeavor.