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If you have never seen Anne of Avonlea (based on the books by Lucy Maud Montgomery)  you are missing a treat. Anne is an aspiring writer and is attempting to get published. Marilla Cuthbert: You set your heart too much on frivolous things and then crash down into despair when you don’t get them. Anne Shirley: […]

Novelists either have to be a little insane or more than a little naive. Imagine a job where you countless hours on a project for months or even years without knowing whether what you are doing will ever mean something in the end. You spend thousands of hours working on something and that might never […]

So in my last post I said I was ready. I really thought I was. There is only one problem. A friend of mine has read my manuscript two times and loved it. The only problem? She did not like my first chapter. But it is only the first chapter you send to agents and […]